Choosing the Perfect Cannabis Pun For Your Email, For Beginners

So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to find a career in cannabis. You subscribed to all the business magazines, changed your LinkedIn picture to one of you posing with plants, and you have enrolled in an online hydroponic home growing course as well as a budtender education series. As you begin your search for … Continued

Study Reveals Smoking Cannabis May Lead to Having Less Cannabis

Science has confirmed that if you smoke cannabis often, you are at an increased risk of having less cannabis, or even running out of cannabis completely.  A recent article in the New York Times reported on an extensive investigation by Harvard psychologists spanning the past 20 years, which studied the habits of cannabis users. For … Continued

Bigfoot Caught After Breaking Into a Dispensary and Eating All the Edibles

The question of whether or not Bigfoot exists may finally have a definitive answer.  Yesterday, employees at The Green Puddle cannabis dispensary in Salem, Oregon, arrived at work to discover an enormous ape-like creature sleeping on the floor. One employee told Oregano that the creature was surrounded by empty wrappers from infused edible products it … Continued

Legend Tells of a Mystical Traceability System that Actually Works

While cannabis has been legal for less than a decade, the consumption and cultivation of cannabis dates back thousands of years. Recently, anthropologist Susan P. Dingle discovered that ancient people in western China not only grew and used cannabis but may have even developed a functional system for keeping track of the plants and the … Continued

Budtender Assaulted by Grandma After Recommending ‘White Widow’

In Denver yesterday, a budtender was hospitalized after he was assaulted by an octogenarian who was planning a privately organized cannabis-infused dinner. The dinner was to be hosted by Seven Points Chapel, a pro-cannabis Christian church. 84-year-old Gladys Knickerbocker was apprehended by Denver Police at the dispensary where the budtender was working. During her arrest, … Continued