Oregano is a satire outlet intended to highlight the absurdity of keeping people locked up for weed in a world where it has been legalized.

The Situation:

While the legal cannabis industry builds generational wealth, there are still THOUSANDS of people locked up in prisons around the country for nonviolent cannabis-related charges. As a global pandemic wreaks havoc on prison populations around the world, it is beyond clear that the time has come to let them out: nobody deserve to be sentenced to death over an herb.

The prohibition of cannabis has been a humanitarian disaster, and reparations need to be made. At Oregano, we want to use the power of comedy to help shed light on the fact that something needs to be done. If cannabis is going to be decriminalized, as it should be, then those who were unfairly imprisoned need to be released and have their criminal records expunged.

Who Creates Our Content?

Oregano’s content is written by a talented mix of professional comedians, satire writers, and jaded cannabis industry journalists. Think you’ve got what it takes to be an Oregano writer? Get in touch to learn how to pitch headlines.

How Do We Make Money?

Right now, we don’t. 100% of the profits from sales of Oregano merchandise will be donated to The Last Prisoner Project, an organization fighting to achieve restorative justice for victims of the drug war.

How Can I Help?

We encourage you to visit the LPP website to see current prisoner release actions and learn more about the violent history of cannabis prohibition. Also, if you enjoy our content, sharing it online will help our message reach more people.