Study Reveals Smoking Cannabis May Lead to Having Less Cannabis

Science has confirmed that if you smoke cannabis often, you are at an increased risk of having less cannabis, or even running out of cannabis completely. 

A recent article in the New York Times reported on an extensive investigation by Harvard psychologists spanning the past 20 years, which studied the habits of cannabis users.

For the study, 500 individuals who used cannabis regularly tracked their usage over the course of each year, measuring the weight of their personal cannabis supply and any other cannabis they had access to on a fixed schedule.

“Virtually all of the data suggested that smoking cannabis correlates with a decline in stash volume.”

After the New York Times story was published, rumors of a cannabis drought quickly spread on social media, and dispensaries reported a 2000% increase in sales for the weekend. 

While the vast majority of surveyed individuals recorded results that supported the conclusions of the study, there were some outliers, such as people who only smoked when someone else was providing the cannabis. You know who you are.

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Yes, this article is a joke. You know what’s not a joke?

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