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Wouldn’t it be awesome to see what smoking is like from the perspective of the blunt?

Turns out no, it’s not. And now our brand new $500 camera is ruined.

I thought you would see up close the ashes and little embers as they glow and burn then float away. But no, those ashes and little embers floated inside the body of the camera and melted the battery.

I thought the puff of smoke would look like this heavenly, ethereal billow of divinity. But again, no, it was just a blob of grey that fogged up the lens to a point where it was stained and can’t be unfogged and cleaned. And not only the lens was ruined, it got into the aperture and ruined the mirror underneath.

I also thought as the blunt progressed, we’d get this sweet time-lapse effect of the camera moving towards the end… to be fair, this one’s on me though, because obviously the camera didn’t dolly along the edge of the blunt, once the end burned away the GoPro wasn’t latched onto anything and it fell to the ground and shattered into a million pieces.

I was a little surprised a GoPro wasn’t more equipped for this, but now in retrospect I suppose I get it, as one of the first warnings in the instruction booklet was to avoid smoking into the camera, it will ruin it.

My b.

Cameron Foley is a comedian and writer. He’d prefer you call him Cam.

Disclaimer: This Article Is a Joke

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